Saturday, February 21, 2009

Plans, Plans, Plans!

I'm sure, whether old or young, every married couple can attest to the craziness that wedding planning is. Jed and I are getting a taste of this, especially as we try to plan our wedding 100's of miles away from the actual location. Among every tiny detail that has to be made (needless to say the amount of time before the wedding the plans need to be made) we also have the after-the-wedding details that need to be decided. Well even when it seems like all doors are being slammed in front of us, one was just left wide and open... Jed and I got our apartment for next fall. It's small, REALLY small, but it's ours. Everything worked out really well, and the price is right (cheap!) We've heard that the these will be the best years, that we will grow the closest. I think I am starting to understand how this is going to happen. The house is so small... we're bound to be close all the time. We will eat, sleep, do our homework, and exercise all within 10 feet of eachother!

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DAY said...

I don't know if I would say our first few years is when Jer and I grew the "closest." Closeness is a process. We were hit w/ so many obstacles just as you guys are, and sometimes it's just a matter of survival. But it is definitely those first few years when our foundation was laid, our faith grew, and we knew what we wanted out of life. We're still not in our "prime" where we can sit back and just enjoy life and our hard work, but we have definitely grown closer together by coming out of the first few years' trials, and learning to face new ones-together. Togetherness is the key. I love you and know that you are only being prepared for what lies ahead!!