Sunday, August 21, 2011

Parker's Party!

For Parker's party this year- I really wanted to do something duckie related. He loves water and loves to play with his duckie! I thought that doing candy as the main refreshment would save on money and prep time- so that's what we went with. Well... the colors of the candy were so vibrant and pretty when placed in glass candy dishes- that doing blue, yellow,and white duckie themed party just didn't fit. And we already had the candy. So... we did both. It really wasn't the most cohesive and I'm not even sure the guests saw the ducks (or the duck shaped ice cubes that took 4 days to re-freeze) but it was sooo fun! A TON of people showed up, and even a few surprises showed up! All in all, it was a great party. OH, and yes. He had his very own cake. :)

here's where I got my ideas from: the ballon wreath , the yarn balls, and the sponge water bombs (pictured in the pool)

Parker Post- 1 year!

I literally can not explain how weird it is that Parker is 1! I mean, am I really old enough to have a 1 year old? Did I really survive one whole year with a child? And he's normal---WHAT!?!
It's CRAZY! Even still. I always just think he's 9 months old. I dunno why. I guess the same reason I still think I'm 18. Who knows?

Anyways-- here are Parker's stats: 
Height: 29.5 inches
Weight: 20.5 lbs
Head Circumference:    (who cares?) 

 {this is him at the DR's and the onesie I made for him}

About Parker: 
He LOVES to: 
-take a bath
-push things around
-chase after anyone who 
leaves from the front door
-play with electronics- a NO NO
-sleep with 1 of 2 light blue crocheted blankets 
(one made by each of his great-grandmas)
-eat... basically everything
-especially meatballs and animal crackers
-playing with other kids

He DOESN'T like: 
-getting his diaper changed
-getting dressed
-being held
-staying quiet during church
-getting his ears/nose/hands/face cleaned
-being dirty 
(those last two really don't work together... hence the daily battle)
-anything cold

-he signs more, all done and is working on please and thank you
-he loves to crawl and is VERY close to walking
-loves to laugh, and he smiles a lot
-he flips the pages while we read
-he claps by holding one hand still and moving just one hand
-he drinks VIT D milk 
-drinks water from a sippy cup
-he takes two 2 hour naps a day
-can climb up and over the couch/pew 
-can stand/squat by himself

{the family at Coney's getting some froyo}

My mom, Morgan (left) and Gabrielle (right) and Alyssa (not pictured) were all here for Parker's birthday! The day before we got to go to a tour of a candy factory! It was a blast! So glad they all could come- even if it was for just a quick visit. 

Parker had a great birthday! Love you, Parker! :)

Erica's Baby Shower

I was able to host a baby shower for my SIL Erica. 
We're excited to meet Eric Reed Alvey Jr.
And his due date is my birth date- so woot woot!! 
I just wanted to share some pictures of the party- it was a blast! 
Thanks to everyone that came and supported Erica and baby Reed!

Ideas came from: cupcake to go