Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I was reading my good friend Katelyn's blog (I love her blog- so honest, and often hilarious!) Here's a link.

I thought it would be good for me to explore my imperfections. As it is January I have thought a lot about things I would like to change, but I want to put it out in blogland so that I feel more accountable. I hope as I make progress or not-- I can use my blog as a place to share. In (almost) no specific order:

1. I rarely finish stuff
    Right now I can think of an unhealthily long list of projects that need to get done around our home. Granted- we did just move here, and we just found out the owner is going to pay to let us paint (6 rooms...) so yeah that is weighing on me. But Parker's baby blanket (not finished). Parker's baby book (not started). Several misc. craft projects. I really want to finish my "laundry list" because now I have MORE time than I EVER have had.

2. I am Disorganized
Admitting it's the first step, right? Yes, I am disorganized... very disorganized. That is just how my brain works. After being married to my wonderfully particular husband, I have started to improve my disorganized brain/lifestyle. Not only do I hoard things (plastic bags, brochures, business cards, birthday cards etc.) but I go from one project to the next leaving my crazy trail behind.
   At the risk of having to sleep on the loveseat tonight (haha) I am going to say that I like being disorganized.  It helps me feel comfortable. When I walk in to an imacculately clean house I feel like I have to hold my breath. I want my house to feel comfortable and inviting to everyone-- but as I have found-- that does mean laundry has to get put away etc. So I am really REALLY going to try to get more organized. HOWEVER-- I am not getting rid of a few select bags/brochures, and I am going to continue keeping cards. oh- and don't look in my craft room- that will NEVER be "organized." Messy is the way I work best.

3. "If you Fail to plan, you plan to fail"
Mr. Horsman taught me this.

Anyways- for how much I love school, you'd think that I would have learned the importance of planning ahead. (I'm really referring to school work here-- meaning I need to read texts ahead etc) I have found that reading texts ahead really does safe you time in the long run. Keeping up is sooo much easier than catching up. (Yup, you can quote me on that.) This goes for Sunday School too. I have found that I get more out of Sunday School/Relief Society when I have read ahead. So far so good on this goal (both school and church) but it's only January :)

4.  Accident Prone
There is really no way that I can improve this, but it is an imperfection. I really am as accident prone as you get. I am used to falling, tripping, spilling, ripping, burning.... you name it, I've done it... today. But I have learned that my high heeled boots are not good on ice. Check

5. Be more Healthy
Lose weight is a terrible phrase and is really meaningless. I just want to be more healthy. I have chosen a few workout plans that really work with my personality and time schedule, and have started them. LOVE it so far. We already eat pretty healthy but I am just going to make a few more wholesome changes to our diet (low-fat, wholegrain, less processed stuff). I am not going on a DIE-t and I am not having a New Year's Fail-solution to lose weight, but I do want to be more healthy. 

This list is getting pretty long.... 

6. Too proud
I think that as a woman I struggle with this. Comparing myself to others etc. But Parker has taught me one thing-- everyone is totally different.  When I look at other mother's thinking that what they're doing is not what I do-- that's all it is. It doesn't mean that they are bad mother's-- they just know what it best for their baby. Just like I know Parker better than anyone else--they know their baby the best.  There are many ways to be proud, but this is one aspect of pride that I want to deal with now.

7. Aggressive Driver
There--- I said it. okay- so I'm an aggressive driver. Runs in the family. I have never gotten a ticket or been in an accident (that I was driving). So I think that should count for something.  But I get REALLY unnecessarily angry at drivers that do stuff that I think is stupid. Anyways-- for the last week or so every time I say something to another driver (because YES they can hear me!) Jed says "Wow, they're a bad person" in a joking tone. It lightens the mood and makes me remember that even though they cut me off, left their blinker on, failed to get over when I was merging etc. it doesn't mean they are a bad person. Thanks babe for that :)   

8. Have more charity
I really want to be a person that people call first when they are in a jam. I want to be reliable and friendly enough that people will call me first in tough situations. In order to do this, I am trying to have more charity for everyone. I really do love everyone, I just need to learn to show it better. This is a pretty hefty goal, but I really REALLY want to have and show more charity, so I will continue to keep working on it.

WOW. That was really enlightening. I really enjoyed that. Now-- back to bed. DID I mention I have been sick since Monday? Today hit me the worst. But I am going to get better. I know it!

Oh, and an ongoing goal of mine: shower more. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ever since a Bones episode I saw- season 2 I think- about a man that put off a bomb outside of a bank because-- well I can't remember if there was a reason or not-- but anyways, it was found out that he was listening to a radio host right before that- one that was very loud and persuasive and caused a lot of emotion.

In the show it wasn't a big issue, but due to recent national news, I think it is a big issue. I don't care who you are or what you have to say--- when your words invoke so much terror, anger, or hatred towards anyone or anything, maybe- no-- you SHOULD not talk like that.

President Thomas S. Monson of the LDS church said “Anger doesn’t solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything.”

So no matter what radio or tv host you listen to, or something your hubby or wife says, or really ANYTHING-- let's all try to get rid of the anger we have. There is a place for rhetoric- just not hate rhetoric. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

640 N (Cragun's Place)

Moving to our 3rd apartment in less than 2 years has been definitely bitter sweet. Our great friends that used to live here-Nate, Diana, and Gracelynn- moved to San Diego. Then we thought our other friends, Dave, Alyona, and Natalie would be moving in to the new place- only to find out that they were moving to Texas. So after 2 great families had to move, we got the apartment. Bitter sweet. Diana and Alyona-- you are dearly missed. Know that you are always welcome back here to Provo :)

Now that we are here, we are trying to settle in. This place is so much bigger than we are used to- we actually have a choice as to where to put stuff. Before- it was-- put it in the only place that is left. So it is taking us a little bit longer to get settled-- but that's fine. I took some pictures of our apartment- just know that we are not fully unpacked/ and have not done much decorating.

The Living Room. View from the front entry. I have no idea where to put the couches- I think it's weird to look right at the back of the couch as you walk in- but HGTV says to center your room around a focal point (fire place). I am sure we will move stuff around several times before letting it stay. YES! the piano came with the place. Like the blue carpet? UM, no.

Fireplace: lights on/off. This is one of my favorite features of the apt. It really adds a breath of life to the living room- and a fun place for me to decorate. (I put these decorations up in less than 15 mins- just to add some character to our boring living room, before our New Year's Eve party. I am sure you will be seeing plenty more of shots like these with the different holidays etc.)

Kitchen. Just left of the sink, and right of the oven-- a DISHWASHER. Something we haven't had. What a beautiful thing that is :) The kitchen is smaller than what we have had, but everything is newer and functional. Plus-- Did I mention we have a DISHWASHER!! yay.
Now on to uncharted territory. In preparing for our New Year's Eve party, after moving in the evening of the 29th, we focused on rooms our guests would see.  This beauty is going to be a craft room/ tv room. That wonderful wooden entertainment center thing is getting sold, as with that Queen Anne coffee table, to make room for.... my crafts.  I decided to keep the current paint color in this room, but we are painting the ceiling a cream-ish color (instead of the same color as on the walls, which it is now) to make the room feel larger and more open. I foresee myself spending a lot of Parker's naptime in here! :)
Parker's room-- another room we have neglected. There is a place for all that stuff... I just haven't put it there yet. Notice that twin bed?? For any guests that want to come- we have a place for you. I might even move over my crafts stuff for you :) Though Parker's room is a DISASTER he is still sleeping soundly in his crib :) Yes I did turn the light on and take this picture with the flash, and no it didn't bother him one bit. He LOVES his sleep. Just like his momma.
This shot is pretty lame, but I was hurrying to get to bed. When you walk in on the left there is a cupboard, to the right is the vanity, left is the shower, and to the furthest right is the toilet with more shelves above.  It may not look like much, but for all those that have ventured in to either of our previous places... it is a SUITE. There is enough room for a PARTY in there. seriously.
Built in cupboards. gotta love old homes with charm!

The master. Though it is looking anything but master-ful right now, we have BIG plans for this room. Literally every time that Jed has walked in to our room he has started laughing because the amount of space that we have is CATASTROPHICALLY more than we have ever had. Let's just say that in our first place- the bed was the room. To "navigate" in the bedroom, one had to crawl over the bed. Not attractive or possible when pregnant- let me add.

This is our entry way. Another one of my FAV parts of this home. Because it exists. In all of our other places we walked right in to a room- so this makes the house feel so much more homey. (And I am in LOOVE with that light fixture). To the right is a coat closet which is also super handy.

We welcome all to our new place- we would love to have you. Hopefully sooner rather than later I can post with some updated pictures of our place. But for now-- school is starting. So off to be the wife, mother, student that I love. 


I want to start fresh in 2011. I did post more often than I thought I would in 2010, but I wanted to post more often. So here goes the start of my "hopefully" improved blog posts.

                          This is the Alvey family up in Montana, picking out our tree. Bare but beautiful.

                                   We are BYU fans.
                             It's not hard to get a cute pic of Parker in the bath. It's just hard to choose one!

                                    (P)laying in the snow!  I gave him some snow to eat, got a funny face, but he didn't seem to mind it all that much :)

                                     Jed walked in to Parker's room, only to see this. Instead of uncovering his face, he ran out of the room laughing, and told me to grab the camera. Best parents ever! p.s. he's FAST asleep.


                                                                Da Boyz.

                                                          Parker with his Christmas present.

                          My man. Parker is 4 1/2 months old. He loves all things water, naked, and fist. He will and does suck on everything. He has already started to show his personality which is outgoing, attention starved, and giggly. (Sound like anyone you know?) He has started to mimic our facial expressions (I will open up my mouth super wide, and then he will too!) Jed and him will just laugh back and forth together forever! He has continued to be a great sleeper, but he is still a fussy eater. He eats, and on schedule, but off and on for 40 minutes. Parker is still solely breastfed, but we'll start solids probably around 6 months. He rolls over, and loves LOVES loves to be played with. He has blessed our home with even more happiness than I knew was possible.  We love you Parker!