Monday, February 8, 2010

It's getting real-er...

This whole baby thing is just not real yet.

The throwing up and feeling gross, as well as
the random crying and complete exhaustion are
pretty good indicators- and so was the ultrasound,
but not REAL. I guess when I start feeling the kicking
I think it will start to feel like yeah there's a baby
inside me, but for now-

Im just fat, emotional, malnutritioned, dead tired, and
overall gross.


aside from all that,
We got a CRIB! We were given (thanks Carolin, DW, and Rachel Mary)
a BEAUTIFUL, white wooden crib. I love it. I
would have picked the same one. So now, it's starting
to feel a little more real. (Because Jed and I 
aren't going to sleep in it, so there must be a baby who will)

We are so grateful for the crib and all of the encouragement
and support from our families and friends. 

p.s. My plan for adopting children from Bora Bora is sounding
PERFECT right about nowwww.