Monday, November 8, 2010


I love fall.  For the following reasons:

Pumpkins  (Prize winning one's... hence the blue ribbon!)

  The farmer's and the pumpkin they "grew"

Bundling up in layers 

Football games... especially when we win. 

Sisters that come visit :) 
And that live close! 

 Playing inside on {COLD} days!


AND him :) 



Oh, and this

We had the greatest time taking our family pics this past weekend. Mandy over at Mandy's Studio did a great job! It was a bit cold, but Parker was so content and Mandy had so many good poses! She was super easy to work with and we HIGHLY recommend her for anyone in Utah County. Great Prices and Even Better pictures. But hey-- when you're that good looking, it's not {too} hard to get a good shot! HAHA.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gratitude- Day 1 (already behind!) HOME

Wow.   I just read my (cousin-in-law's?) blog post about gratitude and of President Monson's talk about gratitude this conference. This is a link to her wonderful post.  Thanks Michelle!

She, like many others, are taking this month to show gratitude for things in their life. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with this daily posting- seeing as I am already behind.

There are so many things to be grateful for.  Literally everything that I have is given to me by the Lord. Today I am grateful my home. That I have a home, a place to live, a roof that provides shelter for me and my family- I am truly grateful. 

Every night, when I am turning up the heater, I recall a cold November night when Jed and I helped a homeless man. We didn't have much to give him, but we gave him a blanket that we were keeping in our car. It was just a small fleece blanket that my grandma had given me, and I know that that man needed much more than we did.

I can't stand being cold. It is one of the WORST things in the world to me. And neither does Parker. He is constantly being bundled up and I have had to make many accomodations so that he is more comfortable. Though Jed is probably a little too warm at times, Parker and I are able to be warm.

And yes, I often find myself looking at others who have such nicer homes, who have their own home, or who might have more space than me-- but I love my home. It is mine. My family and I get to make memories in our little basement apartment on 800 North in Provo. I will always remember this home. I brought my first baby home here. I have done many "firsts" here. Yes, I love this home.