Friday, March 9, 2012

18 Months: PK Post

This kid is 1.5 years old!! Whoa. 

I love how much his personality has come out. He is a happy kid. 

Crazy, sure. 

But he is pretty happy. 
His laugh is soo cute. 
He has the BAHAHA laugh- 
then he has the 
"I'm laughing cuz you're laughing" laugh
and then he has the 
"lame joke, Mom" laugh. 
And it keeps me laughing. 

His 18 month stats are: 
Height: 33 1/4 inches- 82nd percentile
Weight: 23.7 lbs-25th percentile
Head: 48.5 cm-82nd percentile

So basically he is long and skinny with a big head. 
Sound like anyone else you know? 
hmmm interesting. 

He is very social. Like SUPER social. 

He loves being with people. Any person. 

In church- he will go up to anybody and want to be held or get in their bag. 
No social boundaries. 

During story hour at the library- he has tried to sit on the storyteller's lap.
{Terrifies ME!}

He LOVES to be outside!
 We recently went for a nature walk with his next door neighbor/BFF
and his Mommy (who is my next door neighbor/BFF) 
and we had a blast.
PK makes everything so much more interesting!
Who would have thought that picking up sticks/leaves/rocks 
would be the best afternoon ever? 

PK loves: 
(with or without Momma)
stack blocks
crawling into bed in the AM
playing with Daddy
(obviously related)
anything that rolls
giving kisses, knuckles, high-fives
bath time
the piano
church nursery
my Hospital jug
Momma <3

PK can't stand:
being alone
sudden noises
 getting his noise wiped
 getting buckled in the car
missing family/friends that are too far away!!


We love you, PK!
You have brought so much joy into our lives. 
Looking forward to watching you spread your wings. 
Momma and Daddy