Monday, February 8, 2010

It's getting real-er...

This whole baby thing is just not real yet.

The throwing up and feeling gross, as well as
the random crying and complete exhaustion are
pretty good indicators- and so was the ultrasound,
but not REAL. I guess when I start feeling the kicking
I think it will start to feel like yeah there's a baby
inside me, but for now-

Im just fat, emotional, malnutritioned, dead tired, and
overall gross.


aside from all that,
We got a CRIB! We were given (thanks Carolin, DW, and Rachel Mary)
a BEAUTIFUL, white wooden crib. I love it. I
would have picked the same one. So now, it's starting
to feel a little more real. (Because Jed and I 
aren't going to sleep in it, so there must be a baby who will)

We are so grateful for the crib and all of the encouragement
and support from our families and friends. 

p.s. My plan for adopting children from Bora Bora is sounding
PERFECT right about nowwww.


Megs said...

i know how you feel. once the baby moves though it is totally real. and then some days you may hope the baby just relaxes.. for like an hour. instead of kicking you in the side of your stomach.

but it's so exciting! i'm excited for you to experience it all. and i'm very very sorry at the same time... ha.

Elena said...

Hang in there A! It gets better (not from personal experience - just some really close family & friends have gone through it). It'll be SO worth it when that little one is here. I hope you're through the M.S./gross stuff FAST!!

Shenille said...

The yucky sick feeling does go away for most after the first few months, so hang in there! If you are feeling super nauseated try sea bands, they worked for me. Are you going to find out what you are having? (personally, I am an advocate for waiting to find out, there is no better surprise in the whole world!:)

DAY said...

just make sure you're taking pictures and documenting everything :) especially with the new little "bump." on my 21st b-day, right after i got done puking, Jer took a picture of me...i SO did NOT want to take a pic. but i'm glad did, b/c now i can say, this is what i looked like 3 mo's along...sick, malnurished, white, and ugly. but it's for posterity! *LOL*

Johnson Fam said...

I'm so happy for you and strange to think you are married still and now a BABY???? WOW
seems like it was just yesterday they came to the primary room and took you down to young womens......Congrats

Anonymous said...

OMG Congrats Aubrey! I cant believe u are having a baby..... I will have to come to Illinois when u are in town to see u and Jennifer. I hope everything is going well.