Monday, August 16, 2010

Pregnancy Post

I feel like as soon as I'm not pregnant anymore, and after all the initial baby craziness (plus a few months) maybe I'll look back and enjoy my pregnancy. Because even now I can recall a (very) short time when I enjoyed it.  But as I sit here, in outfit number 2 for today (already sweated through #1) I cant even fathom doing this again. I am trying to pull together a list of things I liked about my pregnancy- because the list of things I DIDNT like would be long, really long, and everybody who reads this has probably heard me complain at least once (sorry!).  So with literally nothing in mind right now, here goes.

-I got to eat without counting calories.
The few extra pounds on my face will tell you I did this.

-Baby clothes shopping.
My new favorite thing to shop for. 

-Feeling him kick.
Each time I felt him, I felt like he did it just to let me know he was okay.

I wish we could do these more often. At first he looked like... a blob of something- and then a few short months later, he was a full fledged baby. Amazing!

-Baby showers
I love getting together with people I love, and I love getting presents for Parker.

-Letting Jed feel him kick
He always gets stage fright when Jed is trying to feel him. Jed says that in the morning when Im still sleeping he can feel him kick and move. (my heart melted when he told me that)

-Organizing his baby clothes
Lets just say I have done this way WAY too many times! 

-Talking to Parker
pretty much about everything Im doing, things I am thinking about. I just like talking to him. I really hope he is used to my laugh by now. :)

I almost dont even feel pregnant. I think that counts!?!

-Jed rubbing my feet
He has pretty much gone pro at foot rubbing. Such a good guy.

WOW. I am honestly super impressed with myself. I didn't think I could come up with 5 things to think positively about. All things considered, I think I will love holding my little boy more than anything. I cannot WAIT! :)

Now for the pictures. Excuse my swollen face, sweatiness, and overall pregnant grossness. I am not one of those girls that feels sexy when she's pregnant. Definitely not!

Jed and I at Olive Garden (Alyssa is taking our picture). We get so spoiled. I watch our friends 1 yr old daughter for a few hours, and they give us a gift card to the Olive Garden. YUMMY!
Friends from my ward throwing me a baby shower! Thanks Sarah! It was a blast! Nice to have Alyssa  there as well.

There he is. This is me, at 38 weeks-- Aug 12th.  I honestly didn't think I could get this big. At least my huge club feet aren't in the picture (thanks Alyssa) they are huge!

This is Jed and I at Bear Lake for his family's reunion. It was a lot of fun, warm!!, but lots of fun. Look at the water! I had never seen water that color before-- gorgeous! p.s. Jed has gotten a tiny belly too. I loveeee it!


DAY said...

Aww, look at beautiful Aubrey Maye in all her preggo glory! i LOVE it!! thanks for finally posting pictures. i've been patiently waiting to see my Aubs with her big beautiful belly :) we tried telling you back in June, just you wait till you pop thought you were so big then *LOL* i never feel any pregnancy "glow" either, but you do look great- especially with all the yucky things you've had to deal with recently. and i really like your new hair cut, very cute! i'm SO excited for Parker to make his debut, you're both in our prayers that his debut is a smooth and healthy one! wish i was there with you! ♥ love you 3!!♥ ♥

Colby and Jessica said...

aww your pictures are cute! be lucky you dont live here and have to be pregnant. I change my clothes 2 or 3 times a day because its so sweaty and im not even pregnant!

Hartsheart2heart said...

You are so beautiful Aubs!!!!! Your preggo belly is so cute.... even if you don't feel like it, you are beautiful!!!!! I love you. Cheryl

LAURA said...

Beautiful pictures. I never felt the pregnancy glow either. I sweat to much and since both my children were born in July and August I went through a lot of clothes. Can't wait unitl Parker makes it into the world. Thanks for the pictures. Good Luck!!!

darlene said...

Well Mrs Maye, the time is at hand for Parker to make his debut..and I must say that the glow you have now is the same glow in your wedding photos...just more mature! Your definately a beautiful mom-to-be...and being a mom myself, I have that intuition... Jed glows also, must be the foot thing he has developed! :) love you 3,counting sleeps, love you Always, mom

Shenille said...

"I hope he is used to my laugh" that made me laugh! Seriously, I love your laugh, it is awesome.

BrookeBarton said...

Aubrey, I cried tears of laughter when I read this post! You are so hysterical! The comment about not feeling sexy when you're pregnant...and I hope he's used to my laugh by now....all I can say is I love you so, so much and miss you a lot and cannot WAIT to meet parker!! Good luck for this last little bit until he's born! It will all be more than worth it! I love you!

Jayce and Sarah Porter said...

Oh, I love it! How comforting to know that there are at least 5 good things about pregnancy haha. I can't wait for you to show off Parker to me!