Sunday, October 3, 2010

Parker, things, and LIFE in general

YAY!! Pictures of Parker! :) We love our little man. He is soooo sweet and cuddly and boy does he smell good :) This picture was after 19 hours of labor (amazing!) and 9 months of being preggers.... (ick!) So we both were so excited to see him, hold him, kiss him etc. Even still today I love getting him dressed each morning, giving him a bath at night, reading to him- anything. He is my own little doll, and he is just so fun to have around.

Here he is- after MOM had taken WAYYY too many pics :) (and I still do!)

Oh gosh I could just take pictures of him all day. And thats what I did for the first few weeks-- Now he stays awake a little bit longer- but this was during the time when he would stay awake for ten or so minutes-- just long enough to get a diaper change and get dressed before he was off to never never land :) Now he is up to about 45 minutes of awake time, so I have a few pictures of him being super cute :)

I LOVEEEE this picture. When I rested him there on the boppy- he looked nothing like this. This was apparently a far superior postion. He is also breathing pretty heavily in this picture, so I was able to get some footage of him with his hand on his hip, and it bopping up and down- way too adoreable for me!

This was a highlight of my life. So we went up to campus to buy our textbooks-- the last day before class started--whoops!--- and baby parker was less than 2 weeks old.  We needed to feed, so I fed him in the ladies room.  As I was changing him- I realized he had pooed all the way through his outfit, and I didn't have any other clothes for him (Im still a newbie at this!) Anyways-- I was about to leave the bathroom when I passed the mirror and saw that- yup! My little guy had peed right through his diaper while I was feeding him. (LAME cheap diapers!) Well, with no clothes for Parker, and no clothes for me-- we walked home. Him (nakie!) and me- WET! :) Oh, how I love the number of times Parker and I change throughout the day. When will I learn to start wearing my rain gear all day?!

PARKER'S BLESSING! It was amazing. Parker looked soo handsome, and Jedediah did a marvelous job blessing our son. We were so blessed to have so many of our family there- I was so surprised so many people could make it. There almost weren't enough seats! This picture is with my mother dearest and my younger sister, Alyssa. My mom stayed for a week to help with Parker, and Alyssa was there before, during, and after Parker- thanks sis! With their help, as well as many others, I can say I survived the first few weeks (man I am not looking forward to that again- I guess I will never be a new mom again, whew!)

Jed's parents, Eric and Kathy, were also able to make it out. It was so nice to have Parker's grandparents there with us! Hopefully we can make it to Seattle or they can visit us, because Parker misses them already. Grandparents are great all around- they spoil them, love them, and almost always bring them back :)

These last three pictures always bring tears to my eyes. (Okay, so the hormones are still a rollar coaster!) but even still- I love my son. I mean, obviously I knew I would love him, but its INCREDIBLE how I love him. That probably sounds kind of strange- but I am really surprised that I am able to love anything so quickly and so fully. When he's sleeping I miss him. When I have to go to class, I miss him. I just always want to be right there with him. I feel like every single aspect of my life changed now that I have added "mother" to the list. My priorities have all shifted down so that Parker can find a place at the top.

Motherhood is everything. I finally feel like everything I was taught in young womens and by my family has made full circle. I was meant to be a mother. It really is a divine calling. A woman's place is in the home. 

I still don't know what I am doing for school. I am taking 8 credits right now. I don't know exactly what Jed is doing for work or school next year.  Nor do I know what to do for Parker most of the time.

But I do know, and have always known, that I am a daughter of God, and I don't take that lightly.  The Lord knew that I needed Parker right now. He was meant to come into our family at this not-so-ideal time.  I have been prepared from the beginning for this purpose, and I so grateful for those who have taught me how to be a mother. Jed is an amazing father. Fatherhood is a weird thing. I still don't have it all figured out- but Jedediah surely does. He has been so caring and understanding- as always- these last 6 weeks. Whenever he's home (which isn't very often) he takes care of Parker. Jed changed all the diapers while we were in the hospital (then Alyssa took over.) Jed got up with me everytime I fed Parker. Now I only wake him up when I need him- but he is alway so willing to do anything I ask. Jed is the best father I've ever known, as well as the best husband.

WOW. Well this got long, very quickly. I was going to say a bunch of other things, but I should end now. Maybe some other time I will give the birth story- but for now, keep us in your prayers-- we can take all we can get. :) xoxo


lydiaruth said...

He is adorable!! We need to get together with you some time and meet him in person!

DAY said...

You are doing a great job! Yes, you were meant for motherhoood, and i knew you would be wonderful, even if you didn't like all the icky baby stuff Ü and motherhood, like anything else comes to you bit by bit. you don't know or do everything right all at once, but living your life in such a way to have the Spirit, makes all the difference. that way you are not relying soley on your own knowledge, but can be graced with Heavenly FAther's wisdom. I love you and your beautiful family. missing you all SO much!! ♥♥♥

Katelyn said...

He is SO cute! Congrats! And I can tell you are going to be a great mommy! And as much as those first few weeks are rough, they really are so special cause they are so tiny! (How big was Parker when he was born?) Miss you guys! Hope you can handle school well while being a mother. I think that would be crazy hard. Good luck!

Laney said...

You're so cute Aubrey! I'm so happy for you and Jed. Mom was telling me about her visit & how content you are with life. Hopefully we'll get up there soon to visit with you all!!

Brittany said...

Oh Aubrey, I am so HAPPY for you and Jed and Parker! You are such a wonderful wife and mother! And Parker is the CUTEST THING EVER!! Only 9 more weeks for us...I can't wait!!!

Ashley said...

He's so cute Aubrey! It sounds like you're loving motherhood! I love it too! I can't wait to see him!

Mr. & Mrs. Alveybunch said...

Babies definitely change everything! There is nothing in this life that is harder than being a mother but there also is nothing more rewarding! Glad to hear Jed is doing his job! You'll figure each new thing out as it comes along. Being a mom teaches you how to manage life in general and how much God love you!

Princess Di said...

Aubrey...You are one of the neatest people I've ever met! I love the pee picture! You are so good to smile through it, although that would be very embarrassing for anyone. Oh, the things we go through because we love our little ones to pieces! Thanks for the fabulous walk today! I love you!