Monday, November 8, 2010


I love fall.  For the following reasons:

Pumpkins  (Prize winning one's... hence the blue ribbon!)

  The farmer's and the pumpkin they "grew"

Bundling up in layers 

Football games... especially when we win. 

Sisters that come visit :) 
And that live close! 

 Playing inside on {COLD} days!


AND him :) 



Oh, and this

We had the greatest time taking our family pics this past weekend. Mandy over at Mandy's Studio did a great job! It was a bit cold, but Parker was so content and Mandy had so many good poses! She was super easy to work with and we HIGHLY recommend her for anyone in Utah County. Great Prices and Even Better pictures. But hey-- when you're that good looking, it's not {too} hard to get a good shot! HAHA.


Michelle said...

Great family pictures!!!

DAY said...

what a BEAUTIFUL family Aubs!! your hair is probably the prettiest i've ever seen-i love the cut, it looks awesome on you!! such cute pictures, i'm glad you're keeping up on the blogÜ oh, and give Parker a hug and kiss for me, and Jed too i guess *haha*

Ashley said...

Parker's getting so big! He's so cute!! Dang, I really want to see you guys this month! :( I hope everything's going great for you! ps, I love the pictures!!

Jayce and Sarah Porter said...

Ahhhh!! I LOVE the one of him smiling! What a good smile for such a little guy, how cute!

Gramma & Grampa said...

Love all the pictures! Love the pumpkin the best :o) Then the farmers with the pumpkin take second :o) Love you all lots!

Hartsheart2heart said...

LOVE this post!!!! How are you Aubs.. looks as though you and family are doing GREAT!!! Keep blogging, it is fun to keep up with your life! Love to you all. Cheryl

Dawn said...

Aubrey, I loved the whole everything on your blog and of course, Parker. He is wonderful and getting too big already. Isn't amazing how quickly they change? I love you. Tell Jed that I love him too and think he is awesome!