Sunday, August 21, 2011

Parker Post- 1 year!

I literally can not explain how weird it is that Parker is 1! I mean, am I really old enough to have a 1 year old? Did I really survive one whole year with a child? And he's normal---WHAT!?!
It's CRAZY! Even still. I always just think he's 9 months old. I dunno why. I guess the same reason I still think I'm 18. Who knows?

Anyways-- here are Parker's stats: 
Height: 29.5 inches
Weight: 20.5 lbs
Head Circumference:    (who cares?) 

 {this is him at the DR's and the onesie I made for him}

About Parker: 
He LOVES to: 
-take a bath
-push things around
-chase after anyone who 
leaves from the front door
-play with electronics- a NO NO
-sleep with 1 of 2 light blue crocheted blankets 
(one made by each of his great-grandmas)
-eat... basically everything
-especially meatballs and animal crackers
-playing with other kids

He DOESN'T like: 
-getting his diaper changed
-getting dressed
-being held
-staying quiet during church
-getting his ears/nose/hands/face cleaned
-being dirty 
(those last two really don't work together... hence the daily battle)
-anything cold

-he signs more, all done and is working on please and thank you
-he loves to crawl and is VERY close to walking
-loves to laugh, and he smiles a lot
-he flips the pages while we read
-he claps by holding one hand still and moving just one hand
-he drinks VIT D milk 
-drinks water from a sippy cup
-he takes two 2 hour naps a day
-can climb up and over the couch/pew 
-can stand/squat by himself

{the family at Coney's getting some froyo}

My mom, Morgan (left) and Gabrielle (right) and Alyssa (not pictured) were all here for Parker's birthday! The day before we got to go to a tour of a candy factory! It was a blast! So glad they all could come- even if it was for just a quick visit. 

Parker had a great birthday! Love you, Parker! :)

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