Friday, March 9, 2012

18 Months: PK Post

This kid is 1.5 years old!! Whoa. 

I love how much his personality has come out. He is a happy kid. 

Crazy, sure. 

But he is pretty happy. 
His laugh is soo cute. 
He has the BAHAHA laugh- 
then he has the 
"I'm laughing cuz you're laughing" laugh
and then he has the 
"lame joke, Mom" laugh. 
And it keeps me laughing. 

His 18 month stats are: 
Height: 33 1/4 inches- 82nd percentile
Weight: 23.7 lbs-25th percentile
Head: 48.5 cm-82nd percentile

So basically he is long and skinny with a big head. 
Sound like anyone else you know? 
hmmm interesting. 

He is very social. Like SUPER social. 

He loves being with people. Any person. 

In church- he will go up to anybody and want to be held or get in their bag. 
No social boundaries. 

During story hour at the library- he has tried to sit on the storyteller's lap.
{Terrifies ME!}

He LOVES to be outside!
 We recently went for a nature walk with his next door neighbor/BFF
and his Mommy (who is my next door neighbor/BFF) 
and we had a blast.
PK makes everything so much more interesting!
Who would have thought that picking up sticks/leaves/rocks 
would be the best afternoon ever? 

PK loves: 
(with or without Momma)
stack blocks
crawling into bed in the AM
playing with Daddy
(obviously related)
anything that rolls
giving kisses, knuckles, high-fives
bath time
the piano
church nursery
my Hospital jug
Momma <3

PK can't stand:
being alone
sudden noises
 getting his noise wiped
 getting buckled in the car
missing family/friends that are too far away!!


We love you, PK!
You have brought so much joy into our lives. 
Looking forward to watching you spread your wings. 
Momma and Daddy 


Cramerifico said...

I can't believe how fast kids grow up! Thanks for your sweet comment. I will have to try that stuff out. Good luck with your move! The only thing I like about moving is feeling like you can get a fresh start on life. Well there's other things too, but that's the best one. Have fun!

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