Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Upcoming Adventures

We have a few more updates on our move. 

I don't even know where to start. We have had blessings poured out to us in ways that we weren't even expecting. First off, Jed got a job! YAY! This is the biggest weight off our shoulders. 

We could have found a decent apartment anywhere, we already knew what school he'd be going to, but we hit a several dead ends in the job department. Then, using LinkedIn, he found an Army Research Lab that was looking for Mechanical Engineer Graduate students to do research. Jed will work 20 hours a week and will receive a monthly stipend to pay our bills.  But the biggest blessing of all, is that the Lab does a tuition waiver with the university- and will pay for Jed's schooling!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I haven't sat down to figure out exactly what that will end up coming to- but just knowing that we won't have to take out student loans for his graduate work is the best. thing. ever! Jed's hard work is continuing to pay off- I'm just so proud of that kid. 

Okay, then just today we got approved for housing! We'll be moving in to a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath town house! We're excited for the community that we'll be living in- it has a club house, outdoor pool, several parks--including one foot steps from our backyard! We were hoping to get a 3 bedroom (seeing as that is what we already have) but there is a long wait list for that- we plan to move into one next year sometime. 

Oh gosh guys, we are getting so excited for the move- especially now that we have somewhere to move to! We keep pinching ourselves to make sure this is all real- and I hope I didn't jinx everything by posting it all on here. Either way, we know that Heavenly Father is mindful of us and our needs, and we are grateful for His help and guidance in all of our decision making. 

Here's to things going smoothly, this nasty sore throat to go away ASAP, and for us to stay on top of packing/cleaning so that this move does not turn into a nightmare. 

{Is that even possible?}


Katelyn said...

Moving is a BEAST. But, HUGE congrats to Jed. That's the ideal job to have while in school! No tuition costs, a job, and money on top of that. We're hoping that when Josh goes for his PhD in about a year.

Colby and Jessica said...

So awesome you got so many things working out! Free school is the best!