Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pictures- i hope they turn out

Taking pictures for a group FHE

couch and rug :)                                          -at Hyrum Lake with family

at the corn maze for my birthday <3

Jed going down the "big" slide

Went to a local museum-- saw a Gutenberg Printing Press--
                        It "impressed" me :)                                                  

Outside the conf center-- went to the
  Sunday afternoon session.  We HEARD Elder Holland. amazing.

Pre- Blue Foam-- look how nice we look-- (girls I lived with last year- plus a boyfriend)

Post Blue Foam--- It's just something we do to pass the time at BYU


DAY said...

good pics Aubs...and especially the top one, proof that there is lots of love between you. the blue foam loooks like a lot of fun...last year for a yw's activity, we made a homemade slip n slide w/ a huge plastic sheet, water, and dishsoap-we had a blast! i hope you have a great time at homecoming and post some pics!! <3

Brittany said...

Great pics. Looks like fun being covered in blue foam! Maybe not...but great picture anyways!

Zack & Alisha said...

Fun pictures! Love the update... um... not so sure about the blue foam but looks like you had fun! We know those BYU students do some crazy things up there!