Friday, September 18, 2009

My Husband Got Arrested on Our Wedding Day.

So today is Friday.  And for us here in Provo- that means only 2 things.  First- tomorrow is a football game!! Second- no school until Monday! So in all of this free time I find on my hands, I decided to finally update this blog of ours. 

First-- and definitely most important-- WE GOT MARRIED! I know everybody knows already- but it just has to be said.  July 10th we sealed the deal- pun completely intended- and what an eventful day it was! More on that shortly :)

Second-- we BOTH moved in to our very small, very!!! cozy apartment.  We love it! As pathetic as it is, I couldn't imagine cleaning anthing any bigger. Its perfect for us.

Third-- of course we started school- at BYU of course.  Jed is diving right in with hours and hours of homework every night- I dont have so much, so I do tons of other little things to keep me busy. (FYI Jedediah is studying Mechanical Engineering, and I am studying Elementary Education. Jed's getting a minor in Math and I am getting a K-12 TESOL minor.)

Continuing on--
We recently were called as Gospel Doctrine teachers-- nervous about that! for reals! At least we get to teach together :) Then I am also a District Visting Teaching Supervisor- and love getting to meet all the women in our ward.

Okay-- so the story... this is by far the best story you have ever heard, and I am not kidding.  No part of this story is fabricated in any way- Girl Scout's honor!

So we got married on a Friday- and I had gotten up early (of course!) to get my hair done by my cousin.  I still had a little packing to do, and thus was very flustered when the time to leave had passed.  We left probably 15 minutes late, and boy was I annoyed.  IT was RAINING!  This had not been factored into my hair plans, so with the very HUGE and awkward umbrella my grandma had let us borrow- we were off.
    Jed was driving, and Boy was he driving S L O W. This got me even more annoyed, and we started arguing.  (We both agree neither of us were actually upset, we were both just so darn nervous.) So as we were driving out of my neighborhood, Jed stopped the car and I got out. Yes, in the pouring rain, I got out and started heavily walking away from the car.  Jed came, picked me up over his shoulder, and walked me back to the car, where I got in.  We didn't talk much, and by this point I am sobbing because of everything that happened.
    We drove a few more miles down the road, and were now in the center of the very small town I live in. Jed pulled over to the side of the road, and I got upset.  "This is not the time to stop and discuss our feelings! Let's keep going, and we can talk about it on the way!"  Jed shortly replied, "Well the cop is the reason I pulled over." Oh Man! My thoughts were racing! What was going on? We were already late! We had just gotten the car! Then as I wipe away my tears, the cop opens the door, with his GUN pointing at Jed, and says- "Get out of the car, and keep your hands where I can see them." My brother had called, and I start freaking out-- "Aaron, Jed is getting arrested- I don't know what's going on!" Then I hung up- and got out of the car-- OH GEEZ!  The next few mintues are a HUGE blur in both of our memories.
   I get out of the car- trying to supress the already gushing tears to ask "What is going on?" The officer replied that a neighbor had called and witnessed this man kidnapping me.  (HAHA) I said, "We are getting married today, and I was nervous, and my husband was helping my back in the car.  Wouldn't you be nervous on your wedding day?" (With a little sass). By this point, we are all drenched- because yes, its still raining, and yes we lost all dignity- because the factory workers were on their break at this time, and watched the whole thing. (Not to mention 2 of my co-workers, and my photographers mom).
  So after the police officer finally removed the cuffs from Jed's hands, he asked us to go back to the people who complained and apologize.  (WHAT?!) We did as we were told, being law abiding citizens, but we were not too happy.  I of course cried the whole time, which made everybody feel bad, but it was my wedding day. 
Of course we laugh about it now- and even that afternoon when we retold the story to our luncheon guests. Life is for us to laugh at- and this is HE-LARIOUS!
The rain stopped during our luncheon and for picture taking after the wedding- it cleared up, and was once again the hot, humid, muggy Nauvoo everyone knows.

 On the way to Nauvoo- where we got married, I reapplied my make-up and tried to redo my hair. It never fully came out right, but Jed lovingly said, "I think you look beautiful," which made me feel like the queen of the world.



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DAY said...

FINALLY!!! your story can be heard :) it's a whopper alright, and i'm just glad i got to be apart of it! love to you both <3

Princess Di said...

I LOVE your story! That is one of the funniest stories ever! I would have died if that'd happened to me! You are so amazing, I must say! I love being your VT companion! In my estimation...I have THE best companion in the WORLD! Love ya Aubrey!

Abbyland said...

That is such an epic wedding day!!!! You are so lucky to have such a memory!!! SO FUNNY!