Tuesday, January 12, 2010

White female from rural northern Illinois, USA

     [And Proud of It!]
         To chose three artifacts (definition: an object made by a human being [not me], typically an item of cultural or historical interest) that represents me culturally and ethnically is not an easy task. (A sentence whose words I had to individually define in order to properly do the assignment).  But after thinking about it for awhile, and really looking deep, I think I figured it out. [A school assignment of course]

Black Pen
     I loathe blue pens and pencils, so I write with black pens. I take all my notes, grocery lists, and whimsical ideas with a black pen. Every thank you note, Christmas card, and form- I have to do with a black pen. I have yet to figure out exactly why I can't use anything else, but it is the way it is.
      Especially because I love to write. I love to write my thoughts, wishes, dreams, catchy titles, and book ideas all down because I WILL forget- and when I write them down, I always use my on-hand black pen. 

Houndstooth high heels
    Shoes. Pretty much every girl's favorite thing.  I feel like they represent me because they show where I have been, where I was today, and where I will go tomorrow, and where I will be going for the rest of my life.  But okay- yes, they have to stylish. I am not the type of person to wear tennis shoes because they are comfy- I wear tennis shoes to match my cute pink shorts- and yeah,  I might be doing some exercise. :)
     Even if I know I will be standing on my feet for long periods of time- I wear my cute black boots, or my brown flats. NOT my tennis shoes that are "comfy." Not unless I will be wearing my cute pink shorts. Maybe its a phase, maybe it's even a little immature- because yes, I do occasionally have back problems- I am gonna keep on wearing my favorite- CUTE- shoes. Like those! --------------->

Family Pic
     My family. Man- do I love them.  I love every quirk, every mole, every temper, every laugh, every smile, every call to say "I love you", every shoulder given, every prayer thought, everything.  My family is anything but "normal". We totally passed the 1.5 (?) children, any nuclear family definition, and we totally surpass being just a family.  We are best friends.  There is 6 of us- some step siblings, mostly half siblings, but all best friends that I would give everything I had and wanted for.

   I think I chose them to help represent my culture- because that's where I got any sort of culture from.  I get my ability to find screaming deals, and make yummy dinners from my oldest sister. She taught me that being good isn't an option.  The best is what He deserves, and she has showed me how to do this.  Another sister opened my eyes to music, and being daring, and how to have a good time.  Then my brother- he taught me how to eat ice cream. And well. And to do accounting, and all sorts of calculus, and how to be loyal and honest- no matter what.  Another brother taught me that laughter is a good thing. Make mom laugh- and she'll love you. He taught me that I can pursue my dreams and go to school far far away. And then theres my younger sister.  Sometimes I feel like she should be running parts of the family. She taught me to listen.  To cry when someone else is crying- to play more intense church ball than expected.  That I can be myself, and somebody will always be there to throw mud right back at me.
      I would say that I am the person I am, I do what I do, I live the way I live, primarily based on what my family has taught me.  I love them.  Whether the last name is Denhof, or Lucas, or Culey, or Alvey, we are a team or strongwilled-full of life all around- best friends.

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