Friday, March 26, 2010

What's Going on...

So I thought, after a month, that I should do a post. Nothing too exciting is happening
in our lives.  But I thought I would do a quick update, before April.
p.s. it's a long post,  but there are pics!

We are both still chugging along in school. Jed is super busy (all the time) with
projects and homework etc. but he manages to come home at decent hours (most nights)
so we can spend some time together.

I am just finishing up my sophomore year, and Jed will be done with his Junior year. I
should be applying to the the EL ED program, but I am not too sure how thats all going to
work out. I don't plan on going back to school in the fall (the baby is due the week before school
starts) and I know I am going to need those four months to heal/figure out how to
be a mom. And with my program come the exciting practicum hours where we go into
the schools and teach for 6 weeks out of each semester. This would be very difficult/rather
impossible to do with a nursing baby, and a husband who's gone all the time. So I am going to
keep trying to figure out a way that it can work, because Jed and I both feel that I should
continue going to school.

Jed is nearly done with his bachelor's degree, and looking forward to graduate school. We both
were pretty much solidified with this idea after a banquet Jed got asked to go to. They talked
about with a bachelor's degree Jed can be making "X" amount of dollars, but not really
doing any sort of designing himself- primarily he would be working under other people. We both
know that Jed would be good at that, but I know he would much prefer getting to do his own drawings
and working on his own schedule etc. So, we're going to continue renting and being poor for awhile
so that he can go to graduate school, I can be a mom, and find a way to go to school as well.They
discussed at the banquet that either you can go to graduate school and have a full-time job, or you
can just go to school. With having a full-time job, graduate school will usually take upwards or
four year (vs. 1 1/2- 2 years) So-- we're hoping Jed can get a research position where he is able to be
doing research, getting paid for it, and working towards his thesis all at the same time. That
is obviously ideal, and if that doesn't work, then we'll go to plan "B".

What come after graduate school you must be asking yourself? Well that would be CONTINUING
school and working towards his PHD. haha. Dr. Jedediah Alvey. I think it's great. With a doctorate,
Jed will be able to do his own drawings, have more freedom with his own work, and being the
one to actually create something that didn't exist before. This will take a few more years, and we
will continue being poor and living off nearly no income ( I will probably be working part-time etc)     

But this is our plan for right now. It's a rough outline, and we're not too sure how babies, my schooling, and bills are all going to fit in that equation- but we both feel like we're headed in the right direction.

Now we just have to figure out what school Jed's gonna go to. Who knows where we'll be in a year?
I am so excited though. As we were laying in bed last night (Jed got done with his homework SUPER
early!!) and we were trying to listen to the baby move (Jed loves to do that. He asks me all the time if
he can talk to "my baby" like it isn't his or something!) haha---- Jed said, "So we're gonna be in school
for the rest of our lives. I was like-- yup. Im planning on being a teacher, so even when we're done,
I will always be in school. We both love school though. We were the kids in elementary who cried
if we had to miss a day. Loved doing extra credit etc. We are such nerds.

So now-- on to CONSIDERABLY more exciting things! April 9th, we go in for our 20 week ultra sound. I am supppppperrrrr excited. Though I think it's a boy, but REALLY want a girl, I just
want to know what it is, so we can start buying cute stuff :) We had an appointment at 16 weeks
and got to hear the babies heart beat. Beautiful. I think it was like 140 or something. which is
super middle of the road-- so healthy! and they looked at me and said that my body was just
built for baby carrying--  i was like whew- i would be nervous if it wasn't!-- so everything
seems to be great. Just two more weeks and we get to see everything. Big Question-- BOY
OR GIRL? Parker or Adelaide? Who knows? I am getting giddy just thinking about it.

So the picks below-- the first one is 13 weeks, and the second is 15 weeks. I am 18 weeks now,
but I haven't taken any pics this week. Maybe I'll do a quick post this afternoon, after I shower. :)

p.s. I think the 13 week one looks HUGE, but really I think its just the shirt. ????


DAY said...

WOW, it's SO WEIRD to see you pregnant! i guess you really are a grown-up now Ü
but your belly is so very cute and you look beautiful. i wish i was closer so that i could touch your belly, b/c i totally would and w/out asking your permission of course. and just so that i could help you in whatever way i could. wish i could give u a big hug right about now. thanks for some pics and an and miss you tons!!

Elena said...

You're SO cute! Thanks for the updates. It's fun knowing how things are going. Hopefully the next month will go quickly and you & Jed will enjoy the break from school.

Brittany said...

Enjoy the school years...we'll probably be "in school" again at some point for Niel to do his masters etc. Those were fun times.
And don't worry about how everything will work out with finances etc. The Lord will provide if you continue to be faithful. You guys are awesome and I'm SO excited for you. Can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or girl. You look so cute!

Katelyn said...

Aubrey! Good luck with school and babies! That sounds harder than what I have to do! Yikes. Just remember that the government is a great place to find financial help. You barely have a bump and are so cute. Enjoy every stage of pregnancy!

Colby and Jessica said...

cute pictures! glad you have some plan and are staying in school its always better in the long run

Mr. & Mrs. Alveybunch said...

Looking great! As for school learning never really ends anyways so just enjoy it and all the people you'll meet along the way! Good luck with the pregnancy!