Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Pictures

I had to hold the camera super, super still... and these are maybe a 1/4 or what I wanted to upload, but here's some for now.
This was in April when we found out we were having a boy. I knew, Jed knew, we just had to let the Dr's see. Oh goodness he's so darn cute. P.s. I didn't even cry. I was super surprised.

This was at Jed's friend Jacob's wedding. Jed was the best man. Don't we look hot. :) Took me forever to find a dress to wear... and I really can't stand that dress. Oh to find cute (CHEAP) clothes whilest pregnant.
There she is! My lil' sister getting her diploma.  It was really, really weird to see her all growed up like that. Oh, and did I mention how weird it was being back (only 2 years after my own graduation) with a hubby and a baby..... that was slightly weird.

My nephew, Jax and myself. Loved being back in Illinois. Loved seeing the fam, and this little guy even let me hold him. Just a few times. He is too darn cute!

My two besties. The cutie on the left is Heidi and the hot one on the right is Jennifer. These are the girls that I spent my high school years with. Boy did we cause trouble. Love them both so much and miss them already! p.s. between the three of us, we're pretty much unstoppable.

 There's the 3 of us (the Three Sisters) with our picture proudly displayed on a HUGE wall of other pics at our favorite restaurant, the Three Sisters.  To my knowledge we are the only pic that aren't biologically sisters.

**** Well I had tons more pictures to post. I didn't get  to post any of my family or the awesome baby shower they threw. Maybe sometime soon. 


Heather said...

First of all, your bangs look awesome! I love them. They are great on you. And second, there's a restaurant called the three sisters? Where? I am one of three sisters. That sounds like a rockin' joint! How are you feeling these days? How much longer till the due date? I bet you're ready to be done!

Brittany said...

AUBREY! Congratulations!!! Jared and I are also expecting a little boy! I'm so happy for you two and just love you guys. :) You will be such wonderful parents!

DAY said...

i meant to comment on this post a while ago-woops...we loved having you in IL too, it was fun to spend some time with you and Jed too. i'm so glad you could make it for Jax's 1st birthday. there was just something special about you arriving just in time for his birth and then being there for his 1st b-day too. i wish we lived closer so i could be there for Parker's birth. you know i would love to. good luck at your doc. appt. tomorrow. love you!