Thursday, July 8, 2010


Looking forward to the Parker's birth date (c. August 24th) it is sooooo soon. I have no idea how I am ever going to get everything done. Tomorrow I am going shopping for fabric to make his bedding with (that should be interesting!) Then we still have a BUNCH of shopping to do as well as much needed psychological  preparation. But one thing we have started, that I am way stoked about!!!, is our birthing class.

For me the biggest thing about this baby, is to have a relatively good birthing experience. I love children- look at what I am studying- and though I need a lot of work in the mom department- children are the greatest things in the whole world to me. But the thought of doing this whole baby thing again, at the moment, is not sounding too good. (All about adoption)  So I REALLY need this to be a good experience so I will look back and say- yeah, I would do that again (if only for my children).

Hence- the need and desire for a birthing class. I really wanted to find one that fit my needs, as well as encouraged a natural birth (I knew I would need all the encouragement I could get). After talking to my midwife about different classes offered here in Utah county, I decided to look into hypnobirthing. I had never heard of it before, nor did I have any idea what it was about. But after a few days, more discussions with my midwife, talking to Jed, and looking at this incredible website  I had made my decision. At first finding a class that worked with our schedule, finally finding one and then the instructor needed to cancel due to family issues etc., we finally started our class.

It is a five week- 2 1/2 hour- course that teaches hypnobirthing. We had a great experience last night. We were taught all about what it is, taught why it works, and even started doing hypnosis in class. It was way cool. Not cool. That's not the right word-- it made sense. We talked about our conscious and subconscious minds, and how strong our minds are and can be if we help train ourselves to use that potential. At first I read hypnosis and thought- okay, well my midwife is a wonderful, trained medical professional- and she said that she has personally seen this type of birthing work wonders for each patient willing to put in the effort--- so I continued thinking, hypnosis... like swing a watch in front of your eyes, wake up an hour later and have no idea what happened-- lame, I want to be fully awake and alert during my birth. But after all the research I have done, the class, and I started reading the book about it, it is anything but a crock. It really is mind over matter, and letting our bodies do what they were created to do.

I cant wait to keep learning about this class, and I am actually (sort of... in a way) looking forward to the birth now. I love love LOVE how much Jed is involved. It is exactly what I wanted. I'll keep you posted on more about our class, as well as hopefully soon update with pictures. (Our camera cord is shredded). Much Love from here in the valley <3


DAY said...

Wow, that sounds REALLY interesting-I can't wait to hear more about it! i've heard of another method to achieve similiar (not the same, just a little similiar) such a relaxed state. i hope it works well for you and i do want you to have a wonderful birth experience. but in the end, if the baby is healthy and you're recovering, the delivery doesn't matter as much, b/c the baby makes it all worth it!! ♥ lots of love to you 3 ♥

Sheridan said...

Hypnosis is such a great tool for birth! :) I used hypnosis with my last 2 births and loved it. You can see my birth video and read my stories at

Brittany said...

That sounds awesome! You'll do fine. I am SO grateful to live in this time when husbands are involved with birthing...if they want to be I guess. I don't know what I would have done without Niel at my side!

PS. We find out if we're having a boy or girl in 3 weeks. If it's a girl we have a lot of boy clothes to get rid of. I'll let you know!