Sunday, January 2, 2011

640 N (Cragun's Place)

Moving to our 3rd apartment in less than 2 years has been definitely bitter sweet. Our great friends that used to live here-Nate, Diana, and Gracelynn- moved to San Diego. Then we thought our other friends, Dave, Alyona, and Natalie would be moving in to the new place- only to find out that they were moving to Texas. So after 2 great families had to move, we got the apartment. Bitter sweet. Diana and Alyona-- you are dearly missed. Know that you are always welcome back here to Provo :)

Now that we are here, we are trying to settle in. This place is so much bigger than we are used to- we actually have a choice as to where to put stuff. Before- it was-- put it in the only place that is left. So it is taking us a little bit longer to get settled-- but that's fine. I took some pictures of our apartment- just know that we are not fully unpacked/ and have not done much decorating.

The Living Room. View from the front entry. I have no idea where to put the couches- I think it's weird to look right at the back of the couch as you walk in- but HGTV says to center your room around a focal point (fire place). I am sure we will move stuff around several times before letting it stay. YES! the piano came with the place. Like the blue carpet? UM, no.

Fireplace: lights on/off. This is one of my favorite features of the apt. It really adds a breath of life to the living room- and a fun place for me to decorate. (I put these decorations up in less than 15 mins- just to add some character to our boring living room, before our New Year's Eve party. I am sure you will be seeing plenty more of shots like these with the different holidays etc.)

Kitchen. Just left of the sink, and right of the oven-- a DISHWASHER. Something we haven't had. What a beautiful thing that is :) The kitchen is smaller than what we have had, but everything is newer and functional. Plus-- Did I mention we have a DISHWASHER!! yay.
Now on to uncharted territory. In preparing for our New Year's Eve party, after moving in the evening of the 29th, we focused on rooms our guests would see.  This beauty is going to be a craft room/ tv room. That wonderful wooden entertainment center thing is getting sold, as with that Queen Anne coffee table, to make room for.... my crafts.  I decided to keep the current paint color in this room, but we are painting the ceiling a cream-ish color (instead of the same color as on the walls, which it is now) to make the room feel larger and more open. I foresee myself spending a lot of Parker's naptime in here! :)
Parker's room-- another room we have neglected. There is a place for all that stuff... I just haven't put it there yet. Notice that twin bed?? For any guests that want to come- we have a place for you. I might even move over my crafts stuff for you :) Though Parker's room is a DISASTER he is still sleeping soundly in his crib :) Yes I did turn the light on and take this picture with the flash, and no it didn't bother him one bit. He LOVES his sleep. Just like his momma.
This shot is pretty lame, but I was hurrying to get to bed. When you walk in on the left there is a cupboard, to the right is the vanity, left is the shower, and to the furthest right is the toilet with more shelves above.  It may not look like much, but for all those that have ventured in to either of our previous places... it is a SUITE. There is enough room for a PARTY in there. seriously.
Built in cupboards. gotta love old homes with charm!

The master. Though it is looking anything but master-ful right now, we have BIG plans for this room. Literally every time that Jed has walked in to our room he has started laughing because the amount of space that we have is CATASTROPHICALLY more than we have ever had. Let's just say that in our first place- the bed was the room. To "navigate" in the bedroom, one had to crawl over the bed. Not attractive or possible when pregnant- let me add.

This is our entry way. Another one of my FAV parts of this home. Because it exists. In all of our other places we walked right in to a room- so this makes the house feel so much more homey. (And I am in LOOVE with that light fixture). To the right is a coat closet which is also super handy.

We welcome all to our new place- we would love to have you. Hopefully sooner rather than later I can post with some updated pictures of our place. But for now-- school is starting. So off to be the wife, mother, student that I love. 


Heidi said...

Um- gorgeous fireplace! Gorgeous house, gorgeous baby, gorgeous family!! I love your new place! I'm so happy for you!!

Mr. & Mrs. Alveybunch said...

Loving the fireplace and all the room you have! If you don't like looking at the back of your couch, you could add a sofa table to the back and decorate with pictures, knick knacks, plants, etc. craigslist and ksl classifieds always have great deals in your area! This place looks a lot better than your basement apartment with room to spare! How exciting! Have fun decorating! Happy New Years!

DAY said...

your new apt. looks like such a fun place to live and decorate! well now you will have lots to do in your {spare} time Ü