Sunday, January 2, 2011


I want to start fresh in 2011. I did post more often than I thought I would in 2010, but I wanted to post more often. So here goes the start of my "hopefully" improved blog posts.

                          This is the Alvey family up in Montana, picking out our tree. Bare but beautiful.

                                   We are BYU fans.
                             It's not hard to get a cute pic of Parker in the bath. It's just hard to choose one!

                                    (P)laying in the snow!  I gave him some snow to eat, got a funny face, but he didn't seem to mind it all that much :)

                                     Jed walked in to Parker's room, only to see this. Instead of uncovering his face, he ran out of the room laughing, and told me to grab the camera. Best parents ever! p.s. he's FAST asleep.


                                                                Da Boyz.

                                                          Parker with his Christmas present.

                          My man. Parker is 4 1/2 months old. He loves all things water, naked, and fist. He will and does suck on everything. He has already started to show his personality which is outgoing, attention starved, and giggly. (Sound like anyone you know?) He has started to mimic our facial expressions (I will open up my mouth super wide, and then he will too!) Jed and him will just laugh back and forth together forever! He has continued to be a great sleeper, but he is still a fussy eater. He eats, and on schedule, but off and on for 40 minutes. Parker is still solely breastfed, but we'll start solids probably around 6 months. He rolls over, and loves LOVES loves to be played with. He has blessed our home with even more happiness than I knew was possible.  We love you Parker!


Mr. & Mrs. Alveybunch said...

He is getting so big! Love the updates since we don't get to see you very often. He is adorable and such big blue eyes! We are planning on coming up for our Spring Break in March! We definitely want to see you guys! Keep up the updates! Take care.

DAY said...

he is so cute! i love the picture
when he's sleeping and has that blanket over his headand his sock is off.i miss you guys so much.

miss whit

p.s. i'll send you an e-mail soon!
love and miss you guys so much

DAY said...

i see Whitney got here before i didÜ Parker is such a handsome boy-i love the bath picture b/c i love naky babies *LOL* he is growing up into quite the charmer for sure! hugs and love ♥