Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Halloween Adventures:

I love Halloween. 
Thus, Jed loves Halloween {by default.}
(Man, I have the best hubby!) 

We decided what we were going to be for Halloween on Sunday the 23rd. I didn't have very long to put them together, which is why Parker definitely got the shaft on costumes- I just didn't get to his costume early enough. 

Anyways... here we are: 
(Woody, an ailen, and Bo Peep from Toy Story)
Here's a close up of Parker's costume

I had fun putting the costume together. I borrowed a friend's sewing machine and I finally realized that I should have been listening to my grandma when she was trying to show me how to thread the bobbin. (That is the hardest part of sewing!!)

Anyways, we were also able to enjoy a Family Home Evening activity to the pumpkin patch. 
Parker thought he was soooo awesome- 

Well, he really is! We had a lot of fun as a family- here we are: 

That was a fun day! 

Well, we're all sick now- hopefully not for too much longer! I just love spending time with my PK. 

And I love my hubby. 

Happy {Belated!} Halloween everyone!


Kimberly said...

The belt buckle really is the perfect touch ;) Awesome job on the costumes!

Katelyn said...

You're costumes are AWESOME! Love it!

DAY said...

Cute costumes-and tooshy (PK-Ü) and i love how you can see his hair when it is wet! hahahaha...glad you had a great halloween!