Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November (ish)

Sooner rather than later I will be writing 2012- as will you. Are you ready? 
I am SOOO not. I can't believe time goes this fast- is it just a married thing? 
I don't remember it being like this- but man, I feel old. 
Speaking of old-- we had a birthday around here! 
{I'll get to that in a bit} 

I feel like I should be singing this blog- just a quick flash of a picture with a witty comment on what was happening- followed by "and a partridge in a pear tree." I don't know why. 
Maybe it's because I have vowed to listen to Christmas music as often as I can. I mean- I only listen to it after Thanksgiving- which only happens once a year. 
Bad Idea. 
I have 10 or so songs stuck in my head because they are just cycled through on the Christmas station. It is fun to watch PK dance- he'll bend his knees and bounce up and down- and then twirl in a circle until he falls down. {Look on my Facebook page for a video coming soon!} 

Anyways- whether I am ready or not- the end of the year is coming. Which means parties, a trip, service, and continued festive spirit. I love Christmas with my little family. We're reading scriptures focused on Christlike attributes and have special activities that help us live those attributes. It really is a fun and meaningful way to spend the Christmas season. We've also started our service tree and are filling it up with tags of acts of service our family has been able to do this month. I can't wait for our kiddos to get older and to have discussions about the Savior during this month. I hope you and your family enjoy this Christmas season! I think it's becoming my favorite :) 

So here is a quick montage of our November: 
 We went to the Gateway mall in SLC for the tree lighting ceremony.

 PK trying on a funny hat and gloves I picked out for him.
 For Thanksgiving we stayed home and shared dinner with our great friends Lillie and Long and Lillie's family. We had a blast with their family and really enjoyed cooking part of the meal! (Including a TURKEY! giblets and all)
 And Pk NOT understanding that some days it's TOO cold outside for a walk. 
We've started to become mall walkers- it's great!
 We headed down to St. George for a quick visit for baby Brooklyn's baby blessing. It was so fun to spend time with family- but stinky that we were quadrupley+ booked that weekend and only got to stay for less than 24 hrs.
 Remember the birthday I mentioned? Yup- Jedediah turned 25!! OH- wow. We spend the day with family and traveling home- but I threw him a surprise birthday party a few days before. It was EPIC. I can't believe he's 25 but I'm so proud of everything he's done in that time- he's a great guy let
me tell ya.
We drove 4 hours each way to St. George (okay 3.5 there and 5.5 back) We were almost home and he was screaming at the top of his lungs and I had to go potty so we made a quick stop. When I got back I was surprised at who was driving the car! What a cute guy :) 

We had a great month and this month we have tons to look forward to. We have applications submitted and will continue a few more submissions and then play the A.W.E.S.O.M.E waiting game to find out where we're headed. We're excited for a change next year- but it's going to be an emotional move for all of us. {Oh gosh. I can't start getting emotional now!} 
Have a GREAT December guys! 
Love, the Provo Alvey's.    

P.S. I forgot about Black Friday!! IT was AMAZING! I look forward to it all year- and after having a very tight couple of weeks after the last 2 years of Black Friday shopping- we planned ahead. We saved money every month so that when November rolled around I had a nice little nest egg to shop with. Remember a few months back when I posted about a very "lofty" goal I had and how I needed a new bra-zier- badly!? Well- I finally did it! Lifted to new heights and no terrible poking wires- it is a MIRACLE! {Did I mention I got them for $15- regularly $70 during Black Friday. That my friends- is the reason I get up early and deal with the crowds. I am one of "those people" and I'm proud of it baby! Did you score any steals?


Colby and Jessica said...

we love black friday! alot of times we dont even get anything worth the time we spend in line and in the cold and im usually done buying presents by then anyway, but we always still do it! Colby got what he really wanted at 1030am at target just strolled in and got the last one he was pretty happy about that!

lydiaruth said...

So, you'll have to let me know what kind of bra you settled on, because I'm needing some new ones myself and really need to find one that works better for me than my current ones do. You can e-mail or facebook message me.