Friday, June 18, 2010

First of many (hopefully) ~ April~

I really don't like cleaning. I mean, aside from a handful of people out there- LUCKY!- who does? But i mean, if you asked any member of my family, especially my younger sister that had to share a room- who is the messiest in our family, it would be me. I like to think its because I am so busy, that cleaning is just not an option-- which in high school that could have been a decent excuse-- but now it really doesn't fly. Aside from growing a baby everyday-- which is literally a piece of cake (or two, with ice cream) I haven't been doing too much. Okay-- so we moved, I went on an amazing trip back home to Illinois, and there is plenty of stuff keeping me busy with a baby in our near future--- REALLY what I am trying to say is

Sorry for not blogging. I didn't want to come out and say it, but seeing as this is an exciting time, and my family does like to keep updated on what the heck I am doing in Utah, I really hope to be better at blogging more regularly. Even just to post pics (which hopefully I can remember how to do)

So this post is about April. That was a CRAZZZYYY month for us. I was getting over being sick (no details there-- it was gross. so glad its over) but I was beginning to feel better.  Jed and I both were finishing the semester- which involved several late nights with both of us finishing projects, papers etc. It was crazy. Im pretty sure looking back there were a few days where aside from saying prayers together- we didn't see each other.
       Then there were finals, and because I work at the the Testing Center on campus, I was working tons!!-- oh and pregnant. My co-workers were really sweet and offered to let me do the jobs where I could sit- that was so kind of them!
        Jed also had to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, and apparently he opted to take a more difficult 2nd half of the test. (Instead of general engineering he took the mechanical engineering portion) But because he works at the math lab, and is a smart kid, he didn't really need to study too much because most of the math was fresh in his mind. We recently got his scores ( HE PASSED!) It was just a pass/fail test-- which I think is lame. I really want to brag that he did super super good comparatively, but HE PASSED so I guess thats all that matters.
      Then we moved. Into a much nicer apartment. It's still a basement apartment, but the windows are much bigger, there are actual rooms, and with all of Jed's handy-man work, it looks so much better. We love it. I honestly forget about some of the rooms because of their creepiness, but mostly because I am used to being able to see my whole house from the couch.

***** PICS to be uploaded later when I can re-figure it out*******

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Katelyn said...

First, let me say I am so glad you finally updated! Yeah! And I can't believe you only have a little over 2 months left until you have a baby! That's crazy! You are wonder woman for moving and around the time of finals, while pregnant! Good job! I hope everything is going well!