Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bra shopping

I am in the market for a new bra. 
{Whoa, Aubrey. Isn't that a sensitive subject to be putting out in "blogland"? No- it's a fact of life. And I'm pretty sure no men read this blog. So I'm okay with it}
My friend, Christine, told me she was gonna look at my blog today. 
No one has ever told me they were gonna look at my blog. 
Why? Cuz I haven't posted on here forever. 
and because I have so many high hopes for this URL-- that have NOT happened. 
Anywho--- welcome, Dean!

Back to the BRA situation. 
For those of you who are equally or more "endowed" than I am in the chestal region, I am SO Sorry! I think they make bra's for sizes nearly A-B... and after that- you are just expected to deal with the icky spillover, back bulge, and all other sorts of uncomfortable-ness.
Why am I so suddenly interested in this?
I am DOOONNNNNEEEE breastfeeding. 
Parker is 11 months and 9 days old, and I am done. Well, WE are done to be exact. 
Let's just say 6 teeth {fangs} are not allowed ANYWHERE near these jewels. 
My experience with breastfeeding was a ROLLARCOASTER to say the least, but I passed my goal of 6 months a LOOONNNNGG time ago, and with Parker now totally fine without my milk- I feel like doing some sort of rain dance, 
except I CAN"T. Cuz my bra doesn't hold these things in. 

So here's where YOU come in. Have you found a brand or style that has helped you? Or have any suggestions for when I go bra shopping for a NON-nursing bra?  I really need some help here, sisters. (Literal and figurative sisters)
Please leave a comment.


Mindy said...

So my mom and I went to a bra party a few months ago and ordered bras. Now I don't remember what they are called, but I ordered one and the lady ordered me the wrong size. Lets just say I'm not well endowed and there was major gappage in it. So I'm thinking you should try it. It may or may not work, but you could probably buy it from her cause I don't think she has gotten ahold of the lady to return it. They are supposed to be really good bras and they help perk you up. I don't know maybe just ask my mom about it at family night. I'm sure she'd love to get rid of it since i kind of pawned it off on her.

dean k said...

Well I did look at your blog and I love it! Loved that u even mentioned me how adorable. I loved it all, Except I saw u posted today but didn't say anything about your 24th of July vaca. Nor posted any pics which I would love to see. But really it was great! And as for the whole bra situation, I cannot help you at all cuz I'm one of those A-B girls that just gets gappage. :( haha talk to u soon!

Laney said...

I'll email you cause it'll be a novel in your comments and really WHO else would want to read this!?

Shenille said...

Just wanted to thank you for the gut-busting laugh I had while reading this post. Weston was baffled sitting next to me when all I could say was "you don't want to know" as tears of laughter streamed down my face.
That being said, I have no advice to offer on the subject since I still fit into a training bra:)But good luck to you!