Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 2011

Our July was pretty eventful. So is every month, right?? 

It started out with the 4th of July. 
We headed up some mountain for Grandpa Chuck's (Jed's dad's dad) annual breakfast. 
It was delish and a fun way to start the rest of the festivities! 

Then we went home, got ready, and headed up to Roy for the other Alvey's BBQ. There was so many people there, yummy food, and Parker got passed around to everyone- so for me, it was a hit! 

This is was we made: 
I got the recipe from Craftaholics Anonymous. I made each layer over several days, and just garnished the top that day. It made it way easier, and much more fun. 
You'd think after that jello dish- that things like this wouldn't happen: 
but they do. 'Tis life. 

Then we went to the Benson reunion the next weekend. It was in this beautiful location: 

Parker got to play with his Grandma's hat

hang out with Dad

and we did an "Amazing Race" with the whole family. Jed and I were team captains for our teams- and my team won 2nd place and Jed's team won 3rd. Then we both were in the horseshoe tournament and my team got 4th place and Jed's team won. It was SOOO much fun! I loved how organized everything was, and I got to meet a lot of new family members. I even volunteered to help out next year-- which should be fun. 

Then we watched my cousins for 4 days. We stayed at their house and basically didn't see Parker the entire time we were there. There kids just love Parker and he LOVES the attention they give him. It was fun to get to spend time with them, and to help out so my aunt and uncle could have a getaway. 

Then we celebrated our 2 year anniversary! We went out to the Olive Garden for lunch one day. {Thanks Lillie for watching Parker!) 

Then, we arranged for Charles and Erica to babysit Parker (OVERNIGHT!!! thank you, thank you) and we got to go to the drive inn to see Harry Potter! It was a magical night- mixed emotions about leaving Parker- but it was really REALLY nice to have some time with just the two of us. {The FIRST overnight since Parker was born!}

Then the next weekend we went camping with our ward and then the next weekend we went camping with a big group of friends. Both were awesome trips and Parker did so well. I feel LAME because I didn't really get pictures of either trip- because we were just having WAY too much fun to stop and get a picture I guess. 

Here are a few other pictures for your viewing pleasure: 

Up next for the Alvey's is a baby shower, first birthday/party, hopefully getting a job offer, and applying for grad school. YAY! Life is gonna start calming down.

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Shenille said...

I love the picture of Parker in the highchair and green shirt it reminds me of Jed during his Jello-fetish stage.