Saturday, April 2, 2011

Days 21-30...

I knew as soon as I started this that there would come a day that I just couldn't do it. But, I also knew that I was going to finish. No. Matter. What. So, step aside final project, Parker, Jed, parties to plan, dinner, and laundry... I'm gonna git r' done! 

Day 21: favorite picture of yourself ALL TIME, why? 
I really love this picture. This was a great day, my bangs are swooped (which never properly happens) and I'm with my hubby. 

Day 22: What's in your purse. 
UGH. Wallet, lip gloss, chap-stick, lipstick, a few pens (all black), coupons, cell phone (currently), old receipts, coinage, and gum. [FYI, I just cleaned out my purse. There's usually TONZ more!) 

Day 23: Favorite Movie: 
13 Going on 30. 

Day 24: Something I've learned
Don't judge.
     Pre-momhood, I used to think that screaming baby= bad mom. (Boy, was I stupid). I also thought that my children would never cause a scene because I would have taught them differently. (haha!) I just got back from Illinois, and the flight there was a nightmare. Nightmare is an understatement. Let me tell you. From creepy men, glaring eyes, and a terrible stench in the airplane bathroom that I endured for over an hour with a screaming baby. Yeah, I was that lady. I thought I had done everything right- I was sooo prepared. Well, plans change (flight delayed 4 hours!), Parker was over-tired, and there was literally nothing I could do to help him. 
  Most moms do what they can and what they believe is best for their baby. Don't think bad thoughts about the woman they are based off the actions of their child. I'm sure you don't do that though. That's just something I'll keep working on. :) 

Day 25: I don't use my iPod that regularly. If I went to my car, the soundtrack for the movie Curious George (by Jack Johnson) is in the CD player, and at home we mostly listen to the radio. In the stereo we have "Echoes of the Sabbath," a Taylor Swift mix, and a Peter Breinholt CD.

Day 26: Your dream wedding. 
If I were to do it again, I would change the date. It was wayyyyyy too hot in July. I think I would have chosen April or May. Probably May. I mean, I didn't have an outdoor reception in Illinois, so I wouldn't have had to worry about rain etc. And everyone else would have made arrangements to be there then. And maybe Jed wouldn't have gotten arrested on my dream wedding day. I don't know though. It makes for a great story- but that was the hardest I've cried in my entire life I'm pretty sure. :/ 

Day 27: Original Photo of the city you live in: Provo, Utah 

 Parade on a pretty day with a great friend.
 Jed and Paul at the duck pond
 Snow. House. and there's a little, tiny baby down there too.
This was what my walk to school looked like most days. But now, it's much better! 

Day 28: Something that stresses you out: (just one thing???) 
Highest on my list would be waiting. Whether it's the grocery line, airport security, waiting to hear back about a job or school, waiting for Parker to arrive, just any kind of waiting. I am a [now!!!] kinda girl. I am learning patience, but it certainly stresses. me. out. 

Day 29: 3 Wishes
1. My family is happy and healthy. (that counts as one)
2. We have sufficient for our needs.
3. trip(s!) to Bora Bora

Day 30: Pic of myself today, and how I've changed
Today is a great day. We watched General Conference together as a family, which was really nice. I think since the start of this blog challenge I have learned a few things. First, I need to start taking more pictures. I have gotten better, but I need to start taking pictures of everything because I am used to taking pictures of nothing. Also, each day really does bring beauty. Sometimes I forget this. But I have been able to start doing this, and it really does make a difference. 
Thanks for those of you who were able to join me in this, and for those of you who read these posts. :)


Gramma & Grampa said...

Thanks for sharing! Love your "favorite picture" and the little tiny baby in the snow!

Stephen & April said...

I love reading your blog!! I would like to know though why Jed got arrested on your wedding day...

Laney said...

You have super pretty eyes. It was really enjoyable getting to know you better! I'm VERY sorry the flight was a nightmare. It' always frustrates me when people freak out with cranky kids - I try to see if I can help in anyway. One mom almost cried when I offered to play with her 2 year old. It was fantastic!

Michelle said...

I enjoyed reading more about you!

DAY said...

beautiful first picture-i can see why it's your favorite! *wink*
i almost forgot about Jed getting arrested-wow that is one to go down in history, especially as i've gotten to know him better-that poor guy! way to keep up with the posting Ü

Princess Di said...

It touched me to see that picture of you, Gracelyn and me at the BYU homecoming parade two years ago! Oh my how things have changed, but how sweet the friendship we've made over time. You have been such a remarkable friend to me, I am so touched by your influence and tender hand in my life. I miss you.