Friday, April 29, 2011

He did it!

 Jedediah Benson Alvey graduated from BYU. YAY!
I used to think that during graduations families cheered really loud because there was a chance that their student wouldn't have graduated. Well-- I knew that Jed was gonna graduate- I mean he was practically born to be a student- but I still cheered. Really loud. :) 

 After the grad party we had a hoppin' party at our place. It was a much needed "happy" party, and I think it was pretty great! The kids were entertained, there was some aggressive 4 square (made-up rules and all) and some fun to be had by all. Plus, the food was delish! 

We had a pinata- which I did not make- (side story- if you want a pinata that isn't Justin Beiber or rugrats-- don't go to Walmart) but the kids had a blast. I loved it! Honestly, I don't know if I loved it more than the kids or not- there's something about hitting something with a bat-- that sends candy everywhere, that I just LOVE!

So many family and friends were able to be there. I know Jed probably didn't say much-- but it meant a lot for everyone to be there. It was a special day for him- thanks for making it even better! 
***shout out for the letters we recieved in the mail for those family long distance-- that was very thoughtful :)


Shenille said...

You throw a super great party! We had a blast and you are right, it was some much needed happiness. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS again Jed!

Michelle said...

We go the invitation a couple days ago. Congratulations to Jed and you! What a great accomplishment!!

Michelle said...

And P.S. Thanks for adding our blog button to your blog! :)

(You should leave a comment for the giveaway since you did the work!) :)

DAY said...

Yay! Congrats Jed! We love you and are proud of all your hard work! And way to throw a paaartaaay Aubs! We (our fam.) does know how to have a good fun time ;) *wink*

Jayce and Sarah Porter said...

Jayce and I truly shine in one of those pictures. Me stuffing my face and Jayce looks confused about why he can't stand in line for the pinata too.