Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy 22nd, Aubrey!

This post is from Jed this time. Since Aubrey's birthday is coming up on Monday, I wanted to do a special post.

Here are 22 of things I love about Aubrey, one for each year:
1) Her Smile
2) Her laugh
3) The way she kisses me
4) The way Mother she is to Parker
5) Her ambition to be a school teacher
6) Her toughness
7) Her love for other people
8) How she always
9) Her eyes
10) How she makes her own cleaning products
11) The care she puts into our home
12) The way she focuses on the Savior
13) How she loves her family
14) How she cares about people she barely knows
15) The thought she puts into gifts
16) The way she loves being social
17) Her spontaneity
18) Dancing with her
19) How excited she gets playing taboo
20) How smart she is about everything that I'm not
21) Her hugs
22) That she is my Wife! 

I love you, Aubrey.


Katelyn said...

Did you copy this idea from my husband and our blog? Cause he totally did that, as well as a list of 22 unique things about the number 22 (this was over a year ago). Keep up being a good hubby! And Happy Birthday Aubrey!!

Laney said...

Jed you're such a sweetie! Happy Birthday Aubs!