Monday, September 26, 2011

Product Review: All You magazine

I've been reading couponing/meal planning/frugal blogs for awhile now. I haven't always been interested in couponing or anything like that- but when money's tight, you do what you have to. I decided that I really wanted to jump on the bandwagon full throttle, so I started getting the Sunday paper and the All You magazine because most seasoned coupon-ers will tell you to.

I can't even stop raving about this magazine. I love it. Every time it comes in the mail I pour over it's pages and hang on every last idea within. It's SAD. But, it has TONS of great ideas, coupons, craft ideas, work out ideas, weight loss tips, fashion advice- you name it. 

You can get this on nearly every magazine rack- so the next time you are browsing, take a look. Then, if you are serious about wanting a subscription- look online. There are tons of offers so you aren't stuck paying the $4 for every issue. Get it. And I promise you, you too will squeal every time it comes.

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