Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sa-tur-day is a spe-cial day...

In our house- 
Saturday is a special day. 
A very, very special day. 

When Parker was first born, I was going to school and working from home. I felt very overwhelmed at times but I loved everything I was doing and wasn't willing to give it up. My choice. 
It was also my choice to implement "Saturday is a Special Day."

Basically, Jed is in charge on Saturday. Of basically everything. All things Parker. Meals, decisions, whatever. He runs the show. 
Normally, we do a lot of things together. We enjoy planning things, laughing together, helping Parker etc. 
NOT Saturday's. 
After 21 years- I have learned that I just need a day to be told what to do and to not to anything. 
It is magnificent. And it has saved our marriage in a lot of ways. 
When it comes to Parker, there are specific ways I like things done. I used to nag on Jed that he wasn't holding him right, wasn't changing the diaper fast enough or used too many wipes (really!! in worst cases you only need 2!!) and it made Jed feel like he couldn't do anything right. 
Thus-- Saturday is a Special day. 
Now that Jed has taken care of Parker nearly every Saturday since he was born, he has learned how to do everything, I have gotten the much needed rest that every Mom needs, and Parker gets to spend Q-T with his daddy. 

Win. Win... win.
[Office anyone?]

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Michelle said...

I am impressed you only have to use 2 wipes! I need your skills!