Monday, September 26, 2011

Site Review: Zenni Optical

Being blind stinks. I mean, it's kind of a crucial sense. 
So I wear glasses. Or contacts. But this post is about getting CHEAP glasses. 


I have had terrible luck with glasses. You name it, I have done it to my glasses. No joke. I once went in to a Dr. appt. to get my glasses fixed, when my Dr. looked up at me and said, "Man, it looks like you ran into a tree!" When I dumbfoundly said, "Wait, did my mom tell you?" Yes. I had run into a tree. So yeah, I have needed my fair share of glasses. 

A few years ago, my sister told me about Zenni Optical. I'm not sure where she had heard about it, but after looking at the site- I thought it couldn't hurt to order one more pair of glasses. Guess how much they cost me? 12.99+shipping. It was under $20. For prescription glasses. AND, it came with a case and a wipe. 

HOLY COW! I love them! I have gotten 2 pairs of the same glasses- and they have lasted forever! In all fairness, I'm not at a neighbor's playing baseball every day, but I do have a 1 year old. And they have withstood. 

IF you are one of us blind guys walking around- DON'T pay hundreds of dollars for glasses- I know. I've been there. Well, mostly I need to apologize to my poor mother who had to continually shell out the cash for yet another pair of glasses for me.
Go to It WILL change your life.

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Laney said...

Thanks for this! Blaine has to wear glasses and it's been a few years since his exam. He thankfully has not destroyed any for a while. I'll tuck this away for when it's time for new ones. WAY cheaper!