Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 1: Introduction

So it looks like I was really supposed to start this tomorrow-- but in my world TOMORROW is like 100000 years away- anything could change by then. So, I wanted to start today, to make sure I stick to it. If you're joining me, feel free to start tomorrow.

Here I am. Oh- don't I look good! :)  15 February 2011.

Okay... here she goes. {do I have 15 interesting facts?}

1. My name is Aubrey Maye Alvey. Lucas is my maiden name.
2.  I was born and raised in Byron, Illinois. I lived in 3 different homes- but most recently in Rose Ghettos.
3. I have 5 siblings. Dalynne, Rachelle, Aaron, Grant, and Alyssa. All but Alyssa are 1/2 siblings-- but it's not like that in my fam. We're one BIG happy family.

4. Married my best friend Jedediah Benson on 10 July 2009 (yup, we're newbies) in the Nauvoo, Illinois temple. Best. Day. Ever.

5. Parker Benson joined our family 18 August 2010. He's incredible.

6. I am a very proactive member of my LDS ward-BYU 147 yo!  I am a Latter Day Saint, and to learn more about us you can go here (or chat me up!). Religion is more than going to church for me. It is who I am.

7. Seven is my favorite number. Lasagna- fav food. I love pop music. Favorite all time movie: Thirteen going on 30 (DO NOT JUDGE!) Fav Color: changes daily. seriously. Fav flower: gerbera daisy. Tooth brush color: yellow.
{starting to run out of ideas.....}

8. I am Brigham Young University student. I love it. My life would be so different had I gone to any other school... oh wait, I didn't apply to any other school. It was BYU or bust I guess.

9. I will get my BA in Elementary Education with a TESOL minor. My minor is almost as important because I want to get my Master's in teaching ELL with an emphasis on children's literature.  #'s 8 and 9 could have gone together but for me they are both so HUGE, they deserved their own number.

10.  I've been told that I have a crazy laugh. I guess you will have to decide how accurate that is. :)

11.  I am Green. I mean through and through. Tree-hugger to the bone.  I would love to (and will do my best) to leave a very small carbon foot-print. I want to be as self-sustaining as you get (while still having running water and Wi-Fi) So it's a great thing that my hubsters is an engineer that wants to research and work with sustainable living. BOOM.

12. I wish I could say I'm an avid reader- I used to be. I read textbooks, scriptures, and picture books now. But occasionally I get to pick up a book (prolly one I own) and I thoroughly enjoy it.  Reading is very therapeutic  for me; it clears my head and gives me confidence.  Favorite All Time Series: Harry Potter. If you disagree- it's probably because you haven't read them. :) How many times have I read the entire set cover to cover?  Dunno. Stopped counting after 5.

13.  My finger nails are very important to me. Everyone has their "thing." That is mine. Want to upset me-- break my nails. {I can feel my heart race faster even as I type that}

14.  I love warm.  All things warm {except ice cream... gross} I'm an unusually cold person (body temperature NOT personality!) So I love the summer time. LOVE LOVE LOVE the summer time actually.

15.  I am a comma-splicer. If you don't know what I comma splice is- you probably are too  :)


Brittany said...

Aubrey, I love this post! P.S. I found RAZZLES at the Dollar Store yesterday and I was SO EXCITED! I can't believe they actually still make them. I've always wanted to try them after seeing 13 Going on 30 but have never seen them anywhere. They are way good. :)

DAY said...

interesting post, i hope to do it sometime. not yet, but sometime hopefully in the near future Ü p.s.haven't had any comments from you lately on my blog..ah, hem.

Laney said...

How fun! I love getting to know more about you. Mom just raves about you. Maybe I'll email you my stuff in return since I don't have a personal blog...but that's only if you're interested.