Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 8: A place you've traveled to

I love to travel. Love, love love it. Jed, however, doesn't like to travel. Luckily, this is one disagreement that I usually always win. So we travel. But, hey, we eat mac & cheese for dinner- so we compromise.

A few places I've been:

Bear Lake

The water here is so beautiful. I loved being here- luckily this is the location for Jed's HS friends annual 24th of July trip. 

San Diego
This picture looks a lot like the beach we went to. It might be the same one-- I remember there were dogs and those big rocks. It was warm, loud, and salty- and I want to go back.

Byron, Illinois

Byron- my hometown. Born and raised. I miss the town and the cornfields. 

My two favorite places:

Nauvoo, Illinois

For more information on what this place is, go here.

But I am most excited to go somewhere I've never been. Actually, somewhere I have never met a single person that has been. But I will get there. Soon. More on this to follow.

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DAY said...

would that be Bora Bora?