Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 6: A picture of something that makes you happy

Of course there are tonsss of other {way more important} things that make me happy, but honestly Studio 5 is high up on my list.

I wouldn't say that I am against TV, yeah, I have the shows that I like to watch-- but I never thought I would be one of "these" people. A day without Studio 5 for me is a sad day. Honestly.

This is a show that reminds me there are good people trying to do good things and share them with others. They're my friends. Or at least that's what I tell myself as I get ready to watch them at 11 AM M-F in my joggers.

It technically is a "lifestyle" show aired by KSL. (Another thing that is AMAZING. Classifieds Tutorial to follow) Most of the people, I'm pretty sure, on this show are LDS- but either way, they are good, wholesome people.

They have chefs and bakers (who I get recipes all the time-- including a supper YUMMY Lion House cheesecake recipe that I took to Thanksgiving)

They have relationship coach Matt Townsend (love him and his advice!) that gives me cheap date ideas, topics to talk about with Jed, as well as ways to show Jed that I love him (something I struggle with)

They have a Health and Fitness contributor Melanie Douglass (my BFF) who teaches about healthier ways to live life- without giving up everything!! (and she has helped me to get back to pre-prego weight and I'm still goin'!)

{and tons of other contributors! (crafters, psychologists, librarians, politicians, this couple that gives great parenting advice ETC,  ETC,  ETC.)

Not to mention Brooke and Darin (the hosts) whom I love!  They both have great personalities and I feel like if  when I meet them- we will have SOOO much to catch up on :)

Okay, so I'm a little obsessed... but it really does make me happy. It teaches me things, and really does encourage me to be better.

So there for rationalization :)

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