Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Okay-- so it was yesterday.... but I just wanted to spread the LOOVVEE.

{It can come on ANY day, right??}

Here is a pic of my little sweet valentine.

Yes, I made that onesie. It was a fun DIY-- freezer paper stencil project.  It was WAY easier than I thought, and my little guy looked great in it!

{For the 2.5 hours he wore it... EXPLOSION!}

I'll be doing a full Parker Post on Friday... can you guess why??


Ashley said...

Okay Aubrey, THAT IS THE CUTEST ONESIE EVER! Nice Job! Where did you find how to do it??

DAY said...

that turned out darn cute! and what a handsome boy to wear itÜ his cheeks are filling out so nicely, i just want to suck on them for a while! please tell him i love him♥