Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 3: Your first love

Growing up in Illinois, there weren't that many LDS boys to date.  Even then, most of the youth in my branch had grown up together.  We did get together on the weekends, and of course we had "crushes" on other people, be we never got exclusive.  Honestly, I am so grateful for this. I learned a lot about myself, about how men should treat women, and about the type of person I wanted to marry. That group of friends will always hold a special place in my heart- we had {a lot} of good times. We all had similar standards, and we got along really well.

Since this question says, "your first love" that is exactly what I am going to answer. No need to bring up all the crushes. Cuz yeah, there were TONSSS. 

With that said, my first true love was Jed.

{cue the choir of awwwwwww's}

Because of my experience growing up, I was pretty sure what I wanted/didn't want in a husband.  I have often said that Jed is the summation of 3 guys that I had crushes on, plus way more I didn't even know to look for.

Those 3 characteristics would be

1. LDS/sensitive
Marrying someone that was LDS, that could hold the Priesthood, be sealed to me in the temple, and share a life trusting in the Lord was my priority. The sensitive part was also pretty important to me. I have been around tough guys- and they are just not appealing to me. I am a relatively sensitive person, and I knew that I needed to be with someone who understood that. And yes, Jed had that... {check}

2. Musically talented/passionate/tall
It's funny to me that this was even on my "list," but it really has always been. I love it when guys can be passionate about something- that isn't sports (typical). Not to say that sports are bad, but I needed someone who didn't live their life for the next game.  Also- he had to be taller than me. Preferably a lot taller. And yes, Jed had that... {check}

3. Good Listener/different
I like to talk. A lot. Something about getting the thoughts out of my head and into the world really helps me to figure stuff out.  And sometimes I can be funny, sooo.... BONUS!  I am also different.  I think everyone has their own way of being different, but sometimes my way is a little bit more... {noticeable} So I really wanted to be with someone that at least understood my weirdness and possibly enjoyed it. And yes, Jed had that... {check}

Jed really was an all around catch. Obviously the first day that I met him I didn't realize that, but there was just something about him that made me want to hang out with him.  {Jed and I met at a Marriott Center fireside, when Elder Holland was speaking-- the place was packed [22,000 ppl] and we happened to sit by each other}  I have often wondered what it was about Jed that first made me want to get to know him better- because even though he was sexy  that isn't usually a reason to give someone your number. 

While I was thinking about this post- I figured it out. After the fireside was all over, Jed and I stayed there (with my friend and my date... LONG STORY) and we talked. For a LONG time. We didn't even do that much small talk either. It was about stuff that we both really cared about- and we had only just met. Looking back, it was because Jed and I could have an honest conversation- he listened but also contributed to the convo- that was why I was so interested in this guy. I mean- I was a FRESHMAN. No one cares about freshman. But he did. He cared. And that has made all the difference in the {world}.

                                                                            4 Dec 2008 

Who was my first love? Jedediah Benson Alvey.

{forever and always, yeah.}


Laney said...

I didn't know how you two met. That's really cool! Jed is awesome - and I'm not biased one bit ;)

Megs said...

cute!! I love this