Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 12: Something you don't leave the house without

Growing up, I often heard the following phrase: 
"You never know when you're gonna meet your future husband. "
My mom never left the house without putting her "face" on. 
It was just understood that we were supposed to look our best when leaving the house. 
So, I'm one of those women. 

However, with Parker, I am not able to get my entire "face" on before leaving. Heck, getting my teeth brushed is a huge feat, so I settle for the following regiment: 

I put this one on first

With this glossy coat on second (in raspberry) 

I think these are a good combination, usually with my eyelashes curled, some mascara-- 
a bun and I am good to go.

That is what I never leave the house without.
Well, and my phone. Except it's usually dead. 
I need to get me one of those car chargers.
Ahhh, someday.

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