Saturday, February 26, 2011

Parker Post

I can't believe it. My little boy is 6 months old! 
That's crazyyy. 
Here's a few pictures of my favorite little boy, Parker. 

After his first feeding of the day
 Before Daddy has to go to school. 
(I love when he does that with his lipsss)
 It's hard not to love this kid
 Lifelong BYU fans
 Going down for his first nap of the day

 Starting his second feeding
 This is the face he makes while I'm getting ready to feed him. 
No matter how fast I go, it's just not fast enough.
 Getting ready to run errands with Momma
Now, time for some glamor shots. 

This little boy is amazing. 

After a little rough patch in the beginning with some physical issues, he has been the best little baby. His schedule is so like clock work, it's amazing. He now wakes up around 7AM and goes to bed no later than 8PM. 
He eats every 3 1/2 hours- almost to the minute- and is just so incredibly happy. 
His grumpy periods happen right before he goes down for a nap. He usually fusses for a few minutes until he settles in and wakes up about 1 1/2 hours later. Then he fusses until I can get my bra undid, and then he is as happy as a clam. :) 

Parker is now eating some solids- usually in addition to a feeding-- and he sure loves it! 
The only thing we've given him that he didn't care for was broccoli. But that's okay. Who likes broccoli anyways? 
I just steam so vegetables, blend them up, and freeze them in an ice cube tray. 1-2 ice cubes is what he'll eat depending on how hungry he is. 
Parker recognizes any picture of Christ and will just stare and point at it. It's really amazing. During sacrament meeting, I talk to him about the bread and the water and what they represent, so that he'll start to understand the meaning of being reverent during it. 

A few fun facts about our little boy: 
Height: 27.5 inches-- 75%
Weight: 16 lbs-- 50%
(yes, we have a long skinny baby.... hmm, wonder where that comes from??)
favorite book: Barnyard Dance
(or anything Jed or I are studying... cuz that's what I read outloud. 
Yay for writing workshop-- that's what he read about a few weeks ago)
favorite activities: playing with Mom and Dad
bath time, diaper change, EATING, singing/dancing, sucking on anything, 
hanging out in his exercaucer, and brushing his teeth
favorite song: Hokey Pokey
(that's and Daddy and Parker game)
Milestones: He roles over from front-back and back-front, 
grabs and plays with his feet, passes a toy from 
one hand to the other,  almost sits up 
Other: He loves when I toss my hair in his face. 
He closes his eyes and coo's. It's adorable.

Parker hasn't always been this easy. There were times when he was a newborn when I questioned if I would ever have any other children- I mean, around the clock feedings, really? But he just thrives on a schedule, so I'm so glad we stuck it out for the first little while, because now he's mostly a breeze.
And I know it won't always be this easy. I just wanted to document this for my own sake, so that when he is crawling/walking and being a terror, I can remember that he was a cute, innocent, easy little baby. But, I CAN still wish that maybe, just maybe, he'll stay this way forever, right?


Mr. & Mrs. Alveybunch said...

He's really gotten so big. He is so cute! Glad to hear he is doing well and really at a fun stage!

DAY said...

Parker is adorable! i love his cute chubby face with those big blue eyes. reminds me of another baby i knew many years ago :) i can't wait to meet him!!! all the pictures are so good-he's a natural Ü the picture where he is making a circle with his hand looks like he was meditating or something, cracks me up.