Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name...

                           {Just the Three of Us}

Well, I think it's pretty obvious what my blog name is referring to- but here's some pics to indulge your curiosity :)

I really like to blog about my life- pretty much like a journal (minus the long lists of what I ate that day... I dunno why I used to do that in my journal??) so of course the main topic of my life would be my family.

Jed and Parker are my main priority- but not in the {ugh} way. More the {really, me?} way. I love being a wife and mother. Yes, my life has gone a different way than I thought growing up- but I would NOT change a thing. I love getting to be Parker's momma- I love the look that he makes when I come to pick him up after a nap. I love giving Jed a big hug after his long day at school/work, and I love how he thanks me for the yummy dinner I made.

My life is grrrrr-eat! So yeah, that's what I like to blog about. I'm a Mormon Mommy blogger, are you? :)


Shenille said...

I like your 30 day challenge, someday I may give it a go myself. In the meantime I will enjoy reading your posts and getting to know you better and enjoying cute pictures of my newest little nephew too:)

Elise and Jeff said...

Aubrey! It has been so long since I have heard from you, it was such a fun surprise to see your comment on my blog! Your little Parker is just simply adorable and amazing, I can't believe how big he is already! Doesn't it seem like time goes so insanely fast after the babies are born (as opposed to the insanely slow pregnancy, right?)? I will add your blog to my google reader right away.